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Zuzana Růžičková, Czech harpsichordist

Dear community members and readers!

There is one famous Czech haprichordist and one of the greatest J.S. Bach's works interpreter. She had done the recordings for all of his clavier works. Her name is Zuzana Růžičková [pronounced: Roozhichkova]. One of the interesting points about her is that she always plays by heart during her performances. It would be really amazing if someone could help me and give me links to some of the videos of her performances like this one: (Gigue from J.S. Bach's French Suite no. 5)

Her biography (unfortunately, in brief) can be reached at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zuzana_Ruzickova (there is more in Czech).
I'll appreciate every comment you leave and any help provided!


There are free mp3's available for download of Bach's works recordings (some of them are done by Z. Růžičková) at: http://www.zipsites.ru/music/bach/bach_mp3_list.php
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